Are you one of those who has just always watched players play Craps and have no experience? Are you willing to give it try but are hesitant? Well, you no longer need to hesitate. USA online craps games and casinos will brief you the basics of craps in just five easy steps.

Craps is one of the most popular games played at a casino. If you aren’t a player who likes shuffling cards or just staring at the slot machines, then Craps is the best alternative game for you. Craps gives you immense fun and heightened enthusiasm upon winning. However, one needs to be wary that it is a very fast paced game and you need to mentally prepare yourself for all hustle and bustle at a Craps table.

Craps has around more than 40 kinds of bets; however, the most basic and money saving bet is the Passline bet.

What is a Passline Bet?

  • You place your passline bet when the shooter is waiting to roll the two dices
  • Once the dices are rolled, if the sum of both the dices is 7 or 11, you would be declared a winner. However, if the sum of the dices comes upto 2,3 or 12, you would lose.
  • If the total of the dices is none of the above mentioned numbers then, then you get the sum and it is called your POINT
  • The shooter gets to roll the dice until the total of the dices reaches your POINT, even in this case you win money. However, if the shooter rolls a 7 you lose. The POINT number doesn’t change for each bet, no matter what the shooter has rolled.
  • Finally, you may choose to make another passline bet and the process begins again

For example, you have placed a passline bet of $100. Upon rolling the dice, the result is 5 and 5. The total is 10. Since the sum is not a 7, 11, 2, 3 or 12, the number 10 is considered as your point. The shooter keeps on rolloing the dices until he gets a 10, then you win you wager. However if the sum is 7, you lose your amount.

This site helps you learn how to play craps online and gain expertise in passline bets, which would enable you to enjoy the game as veterans players do by placing other betting options.

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Online gambling has been a global revenue puller for more than a decade. With such an alluring revenue stream, the competition is steadily increasing. There are thousands of online gambling sites that are operational all around the world. It is becoming tougher by the day to choose the one best safest and coolest site to indulge in online because of the tough competition. It is possible but impractical to try out all the gambling websites. An easier option will be to go through the expert reviews and customer reviews from a reputed casino review site. There are few factors to consider and a good online gambling site should meet all or most of the following list of criteria. An Internet Gambling Site should have multiple secure payment options for ease of financial transactions, should support native language of the customer, should use good quality software for games, should have a good friendly customer support, must have a valid license to operate in the residence region of the customer, should have good bonus schemes and promotion offers.

The online gambling websites offer free games for its customers. The games themselves may be free or the customers will be credited with reel money or fun money for the game play. Video Poker free games are very popular among online gamblers and poker fans. These free games serve as introduction to the world of poker to most novice players who otherwise would be too hesitant and intimidated to gamble with real money and shy away from playing.

The players when  they log in on they can choose to play varied casino games such as slot games, roulette, blackjack, poker  and many more casino games.  The players can use two methods to play online casino games. They can either choose to play games in fun modes or they can choose to play real casino games.  The players when they play online casino games they should set a time and they should not spend excess time on the casino site. The players who are not able to visit real casino games they usually visit online casino site and start playing. The players love hoyle casino games because it provides excitement to the players.  Earlier the casino companies use to spend lot of money to build real casinos. This brick and mortar casino spend lot of money to operate their business. They incur high operational cost but the online casino gaming sites do not incur high expenditure for operation. Instead they spend lot of monies on research  and development they usually  use software’s which are award winning. The players when they sign in they receive exclusive welcome bonus. It is free money which the players can use and start playing the games on the site. They can slowly start developing their own strategies which they can use against the casino while playing the casino games.

The casino players even when they play online casino games they usually carry lucky charm so that they can win the casino games and start playing the casino games. The players even when they travel to varied countries they can play casino games.  They need to log in on the computer and sign in on the casino site and start playing the casino games. The players usually love to play with their friend.

Gambling at casinos is something that is being practised since ages. However, in the last decade the traditional casinos have taken a back seat and online gaming has gained huge momentum. Where recession has led to downfall of the biggest companies and also the economy, online gaming is one area that has been left unaffected and infact created a revolution.

Playing at traditional casinos was a pleasure available to higher classes of the society. The middle and the lower income group people could just dream about it. However, with online casinos now every person can relish the experience of gambling.

To cater to the ever increasing number of players, the numbers of online casino sites are also increasing proportionately. But not every site is a genuine and trust worthy site. It is important that the players know to choose the genuine sites from the fake ones and keep their personal and financial information secure. To make this easy for you, has gathered all kind of information on online casinos and made it available for you at one site. Be it tips for novice or strategies for veteran players or information on different kind of games played at online casinos. Everything is available for your perusal as Hoyle Casino games.

Pros and Cons of Online Casinos:

Every coin has two sides to it and so does online gaming. It too has its own pros and cons.

Online Casinos – Pros:

Online casinos have benefited the players in many ways. Some of which are:

  • One can save on time, money and effort as he does not have to physically travel to a casino. He can play from the comfort of his living room. All he needs is a system and an internet connection.
  • Online casinos provide joining bonus, discounts and many other extras.
  • A player has his/her own privacy and is away from all the hustle and bustle and the ever spying eyes of other players and onlookers.
  • There is no opening or closing timings. Any player can play at any time during the day or night. Players can take a break in between, have a smoke or a cup of coffee or attend to daily chores and resume playing as usual.
  • Some players are addicted to online gaming. Such players can’t visit a physical casino daily. However, with online gaming they can play all through the day. play 21 online

Online Casinos – Cons:

Some of the biggest risks involved in online gaming are as follows:

Credit Card Fraud:

Every player has to enter his/her card details to make a payment or to get the prize money credited to his/her account. But is it a safe thing to do? Well, not on all sites. Some sites are licensed and have a secure mode of payment which do not divulge client’s personal or financial details. But there are some sites which compromise these details leading to credit card fraud. Therefore, it is advisable to stick to sites which are licensed and legally authorised or those sites which appear on Wall Street.

Rigged Games:

Online gaming is nothing but software programmes fed into the system. Programmes are designed keeping in mind the rules of the game. Some amount of the money that players bet goes to the house, which forms their source of income. However, there are some sites that go beyond this. They manipulate the programmes in such a manner that the odds of house winning the game are much higher than the player. In such cases, the players are at loss and the house earns huge profits. Hence, it is always better to go for reputed sites.


This is a malpractice specific to poker. These players sit at a common table and disclose their cards to each other and make an unknown player the victim. If they have better hands they bet more or else drop out of the game. This kind of playing patterns can be identified by the gaming programmes. However, if you find anything unusual, you could inform the customer service. Do you believe in your fate? If you do then just click and get lucky!


Finally, you yourself could also be an issue, if you are not able to control yourself. You should know when to quit. Players should always remember that casinos are money minting organisations and the house always has higher odds than the player. Hence, it is always good if you quit when you are in the lead.

Types of Online Casino Games:


It is said that this game is a French invention and later gained popularity in Northern American. The aim of the game is to get to the count of 21 before the dealer does.

Slot Machines:

Slot machines were first hosted in San Francisco in 1890. The player has to tug a trigger in order to make the drum roll. If the same image appears on all three screens, then the player hits a jackpot.


This game is very much like lottery tickets. The player has to speculate a sequence of numbers and match them.


This game too is an innovation of a French mathematician. In this game the wheel is spinned and the player has to guess a number. If the number matches with the number on the wheel, the player wins the bet else loses.



Craps is a game of luck. You choose a number and roll the dice. If your number appears, you are a winner.


Poker is the most popular game played on online casinos. There are many variations in this game but the one played most is Texas Holdem Poker. Here each player has two cards at hand and three cards on the table. The player with the highest hand among these cards is the winner.

Thus, the above article has been an attempt to cover every aspect of online casinos; from how casinos have gained momentum to pro and cons of online casinos. Also, we have listed a few games, but there are many more games played online like Poker and many more.

Some people who have never tried playing casino games for real money online are intimidated. So they should check out a user friendly site like the all slots casino. Not only does this casino offer a huge variety of fun games, but there are all sorts of promotions for first time players.

Online casinos have been a favourite pass time and an income source for many in the USA. To cater to this interminable demand, many sites have come live to entertain people. This increasing number of sites usually leaves a player confused as to which site to choose and which one is a legal site. If any player ends up choosing the wrong site he/she could have a really bitter has come to rescue you from this muddle and help you choose the best site to gratify your necessities.

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All the sites referred by USA legal casinos are available only for the Americans and accept only US deposits. They also provide complete information about the casinos they refer like the software used by the casinos, the bonus they offer, when they have been established and if they are licensed or not and with whom. They have segregated the casinos on the following basis:

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USA Friendly casinos: Those who require USA friendly casinos can opt for casinos detailed on this particular page. Grand Parker and Lucky Red are some of the US friendly casinos and accept US deposits.

USA Live Dealer Casinos: Casinos that have live dealers and accept deposits are provide in this category. You could play live Blackjack, Baccarat or Roulette on these sites. Some of the live dealer casinos are Betonline and 5 Dimes.

To summarise, USA legal casinos is a one stop shop for any player looking for an online casino. They are sure to find a casino that suits their requirements be it better bonuses, live dealer casinos, casinos with the best reviews or US friendly casinos. And all of these are 100% legal and secure and promise to make your gaming experience a striking one.