Among the casino games the most popular game is the play roulette here which is further confirmed by the fact that in almost all the Hollywood movies depicting the casino scenes this game is projected and shown extensively. This is a very interesting game and is said to be evolved from the scientific experiments with the wheel carried out by famous scientists of the bygone era.

The rules of the game is very important

Before starting the game of the Online Roulette you have to get appraised with the rules of the game otherwise it will not be possible for you to play the game constructively. The roulette is considered to be a kind of table game where the players numbering about eight sit around the wheel which is called the roulette wheel. The roulette wheel has a number of pockets at the center of the wheel which are colored. A number of balls in the colors of red and black are placed on the periphery of the wheel which can freely rotate on their axes as well on the wheel periphery. The play master is responsible to rotate the wheel in a bid to start the game. As the wheel rotates the balls in the periphery start to roll on along the periphery of the wheel due to the centrifugal force of rotation. Gradually the speed of rotation diminishes due to the friction in the bearings of the wheel located at the centre over the axle over which the wheel is rotated. As the speed is reduced the balls slowly start to roll towards the centre of the wheel as the centrifugal forces also get reduced with the reduction of the speed of rotation of the wheel. The balls after coming to the center collect at the various pockets which are numbered as well as colored. The wagering in play Roulette online is done on the number of the pockets or a combination of numbers of the pockets as the case may be.

The types of wagering

There are two types of wagering employed in the games of roulette namely the Martingale strategy and the Fibonacci strategy. The betting strategy depends on the games. In the case of Martingale strategy the players have to wager double the loss he incurs on each occasion. This strategy is not liked by most of the players and so this strategy is almost on the verge of being discarded. In the case of Fibonacci strategy the wagering is decided as per the Fibonacci sequence and is popular and successful in the games.