The online casino web sites are doing remarkable business nowadays. It is true that they too are facing stiff competition among themselves as more than 27 million web sites can be found in the internet all trying to attract the clients to their web sites. The casino web sites have varying modes of promotional ventures aimed at attracting the new entrants as well as luring the old players to stay on with their web sites. The online casino Play Rainbow Riches has quite a good amount of return in investment and this is the reason why many main line business enterprises are also venturing into the business of online casino web sites looking into its lucrative returns with minimum investments.

Casino payout

The casino payout is the percentage of wagering amount that the web sites keep for themselves as a part of their profit. This payout amount varies from games to games at Rainbow Riches. At the present scenario almost all the games that were plated in the physical casino houses have been included in the online casino web sites. The games that are played in the online casino web sites are roulette, poker, video poker, baccarat, crap, slots, keno, Monopoly Big Event etc. Some games are known as table games because they are played around a table and the number of players is limited to six to seven. As the payout rate is the percentage of the wagering amount the greater the payout rate greater is the profit of the casino web site owners. The overall payout rate varies from 97% to 98.7%. It differs from game to game. As for example the payout rate for slots may vary from as low as 96% to as high as 98% whereas the payout rate for video poker can vary from 98% to 99.5%.

The online casino web site owners in view of their maximum profit decide the payout for their favor. From their own statistics regarding the games played in their web sites, the online casino web site owners know the percentage of players playing the specific games at their web site. Accordingly they frame the payout rates so that maximum profit can be earned. This they get concurred from the players by accepting their terms and conditions of playing the games at their web sites. So the players while selecting the online casino web sites must pay attention to this aspect of the games.