One nice thing about the modern online poker world is that reviews are widely available across the internet. So if you’ve got a particular site in mind, it’s not hard to find some information on the poker room. However, not all poker reviews are created equally. Some cover extra topics and offer more insightful info than others. This being said, let’s take a closer look at what you may be missing from the online poker room reviews that you read.

urlPoker Site Reputation

Anybody can cover the basics like a poker room’s software, banking options and promotions. But you want reviews that go deeper and cover more topics like a poker room’s reputation. For the most part, online poker sites operate like many other businesses, accepting players’ deposits and processing their cashouts in a timely manner. However, there are always a few sites that you have to watch out for because they aren’t good at processing withdrawals. The disgraced Lock Poker would be a good example of this. That’s why it is important for any quality review to cover a site’s reputation so that your money isn’t at risk.

Player Competition (Fish Rating)

Another aspect that some reviews don’t dive into is the competition level at poker sites. This is crucial to anybody who’s looking to win money on the cyber felt because the worse your opponents are, the better your chances are of winning. Assuming you don’t know anything about the competition going in, you’ll be subjected to a trial-and-error process. So rather than finding out that the poker site you chose is full of sharks, it’s definitely preferential to learn this from a review instead.

Game Variety

Okay, this subject is a little more covered through online poker reviews. However, that’s not to say that every review does a great job of relaying this information. Assuming you desire to play more than just Texas Hold’em, you definitely want to have an idea on what kind of game selection you’re dealing with. So any review worth its weight will explain the different poker variations that are offered in both cash games and tournaments. If a poker site only has Hold’em and Omaha games, then you’re going to need to know this. Likewise, if they also feature Badugi, Razz and Stud, it’s nice to know.

If you visit a website with reviews that don’t cover one of more of the aforementioned topics, then you’ll certainly want to try another site to get all the information you need.