With the night of May 8 fast arriving, it is time to settle on the best BangTheBook NFL Picksto vouch for. Here are the safest picks, the best that should deliver this time around and make your money safe.

win-at-poker-2Jake Matthews

Matthews is an all round talented player. He is technically sound and knows the details of the game. Being a powerful run blocker and one of the most famous offensive linemen in the history of NFL should be sufficient to make him a safe bet. He is last year’s first overall pick by the Kansas City Chiefs and has a decade-long left tackle that makes him worth putting your money on. Do not forget that he belongs to a lineage of NFL blue bloods, so he should be prompt to deliver.

Khalil Mack

Outside linebacker Khalil Mack is the next on the list. He is a versatile player and is fast and keeps up a high standard of the game. Mack needn’t be the better bet against rusher Clowney, but if you are looking for a safe bet, he is the one to put your cards down for. Mack belongs to a position where the players are more rounded and with no guarantee as to what the defenses will be like, Mack’s ability to tackle any fit will work well for any of the teams.


Now that Mosley is out of danger of injury, he is back to being a reliable player. This inside linebacker of Alabama has to be the best player available in the range of 20-22. He is a safe bet and should be the very best player in the afore mentioned range for any team base 3-4 team. His game is polished and efficient, so you can rest assured that you can win the bettings on him.

Zack Martin

This guard of Notre Dame is your best winning bet in the interior offensive line. He has proven that he can transition from tackle to more serious game by playing outside with the Fighting Irish. Although he is not your ideal run of the mill athlete as far as height is concerned, he makes up for it with his powerful strokes and toughness. Martin is projected most to the Miami Dolphins at No.19.

Sammy Watkins

Watkins is a diverse target. His speed is superb and he plays well irrespective of where he is on the field. He is a threat at any position and a safe bet for your BangTheBook NFL Picks. Sammy Watkins is more than reliable as well as being in top tough shape and is bound to make the ranks.